Conference Registration

The WMC participant's registration fee for the conference is € 50 (Fifty Euro). This is payable in advance. All WMC Province President and Secretaries are requested to

  1. Confirm number of participants by 03 May, 2012 and number of days.
  2. Return the completed registration form.
  3. Confirm requirement of hotel rooms and number of days.

The members or guest can contact Registration Committee Convener Mr. Johny Elanjipilly for any queries related to Registration. His contact details are given below.

Mr. Johny Elanjipilly
E-mail:- johny@elanjipilly.de
Phone:- 0049 221 5594007
Fax:- 0049 221 550344


Please find respective forms and options to register online below

WMC 2012 Registration register online or click here to download

Tour Registration register online or click here to download

Visa Application Form click here to download

Electronic Bulletin click here to download